Mark a Drain for Only Rain

Keep Manatee Beautiful seeks  volunteers to “Mark A Drain for Only Rain” in Manatee County.   Volunteers can call Keep Manatee Beautiful at 795-8272 to check out kits to place permanent placards by storm drains.

Many people believe storm drains connect to sewer treatment systems.   In southwest Florida, whatever enters storm drains is discharged into a  neighboring body of water, such as the Manatee River, Tampa Bay and Gulf of Mexico, without benefit of treatment.  Pollutants that enter storm  drains include used oil and antifreeze from vehicles, chemicals and  grass clippings from yards, pet waste and litter.  According to the  United States Environmental Protection Agency, more than 60 percent of  water pollution in the United States comes from urban and agricultural  stormwater runoff.

The placement of these placards alerts  people to the fate of runoff water and the pollution carried with it  from lawns and streets.  While this project doesn’t solve all water  pollution problems, it is a practical, positive, easy first step toward  public education, involvement and support for local watershed stormwater pollution prevention.  The placards tell people not to dump into the  storm drains and why.

To volunteer for “Mark a Drain for Only  Rain”, please call Keep Manatee Beautiful at 795-8272 or e-mail

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