Volunteer Programs

The Community Plan

Adopt-A-Shore Program coordinates grassroots efforts relating to litter, marine debris and their effects on water quality. Under this program, volunteers agree to adopt a section of shoreline and clean it at least three times a year for two years, including the Great American Cleanup and International Coastal Cleanup.

Adopt-A-Highway & Adopt-A-Road Programs encourage volunteers to adopt a section of state highway or county/city road within our community, with cleanups at least four times annually, including the Great American Cleanup and International Coastal Cleanup. This gives the public a sense of community pride and awareness of the importance of litter prevention.

Adopt-A-Spot Program encourages volunteers to keep their median, park or other areas litter-free, plus the opportunity to enhance their spot with plantings for beautification, promoting native and drought-tolerant plants.

Build America Beautiful through the Clean Builders Program encourages builders and contractors to take positive steps toward litter reduction by following a set of guidelines for waste reduction and recycling practices.

Storm Drain Marking/Stenciling educates people about how oil, chemicals and debris affect water quality and threaten wildlife. Volunteers stencil or mark a message on storm drains informing people that waste dumped in storm drains eventually enters streams, lakes, bays and the Gulf of Mexico.

Boaters’ and Anglers’ Pledge is a cooperative educational outreach program designed to educate water sportsmen to take personal responsibility for preventing litter and marine debris while they are on or around the water.

Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program increases the amount of fishing line being recycled, and heightens awareness about the negative impact that fishing line debris has on human welfare, marine life (preventing entanglement and casualties) and water quality.

Trash Trackers, in cooperation with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, help enforce anti-littering laws by reporting littering, improperly covered trucks (with debris blowing or falling out) and illegal dumping.

Leave Your Mark involves public and private schools striving to meet criteria necessary to become a Keep America Beautiful school.

Graffiti Hurts, in cooperation with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, provides ways to report, record, remove and prevent graffiti, which is a criminal act that defaces property with writing or drawings.